The Masih Family



Akbar Masih has an opportunity to reach people who most others would not.  This is because he was born in and is a citizen of this country that most of us would consider “closed” to the gospel. He started his ministry in 2008 by helping translate biblical literature into the Urdu language so that the believers would have material to read and learn from.  Akbar did not feel this was enough so in 2010 he started Blessed Hope Baptist Church.  This church has many ministries designed to reach the surrounding communities but has a major focus on reaching the next generation with the gospel.  Blessed Hope Baptist School is one of those ministries.  It is registered with the government which has allowed them to start 5 preschools and 7 Sunday schools in neighboring villages. The children in these schools are not only receiving an academic education but are also able to hear the gospel, most of them for the first time.  During summer breaks they offer Youth camps where they have seen many saved.  The church also holds quarterly special evangelistic meetings where visitors receive the gospel message, along with Bibles and other biblical material. 


Address: Madina Park Rajana . Toba Road . Toba Tek Singh Punjab . Pakistan.

Phone: +92-336-7150284

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