The Locklear Family
Missionaries to the Native Americans

Gerry Locklear and his wife Sheril are missionaries to the Native Americans wherever found in the lower United States, Alaska, and Canada. They are both members of the Lumbee Tribe located in Eastern North Carolina and have been working in Native Missions since 1992.  Their ministry’s focus is establishing and building Baptist churches on our reservations.

In 2006, the Locklears formed the non-profit Native American Mission Fund Ministries (NAMFM) through their home church.  The NAMFM financially supports 11 missionary ministries monthly located on reservations across the nation. By working directly with these missionaries, who have an established Baptist church on a reservation, NAMFM strives to meet any needs that arise whether with finances, food, clothing, Bibles, VBS material or other. They also coordinate missions projects thru the local church to provide Christmas shoeboxes to native children. Mission groups are organized and sent out to teach VBS and backyard Bible classes as well as to participate in evangelistic door to door visiting and witnessing on the reservations.

There are 573 Native American Tribes in our nation and over 300 major reservations. Less than 20% of the people from these tribes have had the true gospel preached to them. This is a sad reality and with the help of God it is the Locklear family’s desire to reach every native tribe with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gerry and Sheril have been married since 1976 and are members of Hooper’s Creek Baptist Church in Fletcher, NC.

Contact Information:

Phone: 828-606-5011

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