The Smith Family

Missionaries In Alaska

In 2007, Kevin accompanied Operation Saturation on a trip to the island of St. Lawrence, Alaska, where Bibles and other biblical materials were distributed to every home on the island.  It was during this trip that the Lord burdened Kevin to return to that area as a missionary and continue reaching the Siberian Yupik Eskimo community.  In 2009, he and Natara moved to the island town of Savoonga, Alaska. They were blessed to establish Head Start Baptist Church and see many souls saved and baptized. They ministered in Savoonga until they were able to turn this church over to an island native in 2014.  From there they moved to Anderson, Alaska, to pursue an opportunity to reopen a church in that small community.  They labored in Anderson for 3 years re-establishing this church which is now operating on its own and being led by local pastor.

In 2018, another move took the Smiths to the Fairbanks area. Christ is the Answer Church was preparing to close their doors and sell the property but the Smith Family asked to take it.  They re-established the church as Open Door Baptist Church in April of 2019, with only 4 members. The Lord is using this work to reach the community as well as other missions within the state of Alaska and around the world.

Kevin and Natara Smith have been married since 1997 and are members of Oak Grove Baptist Church in Hendersonville, NC.  They have 8 children, Destiny, Joshua, Caleb, Copper, Charis, Amaziah, Trazen and Tobias.

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