The Woodard Family
Missionaries in Mexico

Arnold and Jeanette Woodard have been missionaries to her home state of Durango, MX since 2011.  Drug war violence made Durango a very dangerous field and limited their ministry in the early years to working primarily in the home church. As the violence began to ease, they were able to begin expanding the ministry through youth and children's ministries, outreaches into the surrounding neighborhoods, and eventually beyond the city limits into the towns, villages, and other cities. In 2016, the Woodards were able to once again begin using the base church’s camp facilities to have youth/church camps, retreats, etc. The Lord also opened the door for them to begin working with the Family and Children's Services of Durango to minister to the orphans and abused children, becoming the first non-Catholic church/ministry to ever be allowed to work within the state orphanage.

The Woodard family's approach to ministry is a home-based approach to evangelism. This involves operating from the base church while using its members and resources through outreach programs to plant other works in outlying areas. They are currently working in four separate locations attempting to begin a new work in each through this process. Their outreach programs are designed to meet the physical needs of the extremely impoverished in the villages and mountainous areas to show them the love of Christ, but also to open doors of opportunity to evangelize these hard to reach areas.

The Woodards are firm believers in the power of the written Word. Several hundreds of thousands of pieces of literature are passed out annually. Arnold and Jeanette have a great burden to expand their ministry and are currently seeking the Lord's direction on beginning a Christian day school, a medical clinic, a warehouse and disaster relief ministry, as God allows.

Arnold and Jeanette have been married since 1998 and are members of Victory Baptist Church in Sylva, NC. They have four children, Shelby, Angelica, Ethan, and Nicolas.

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